Would you like to feel WHOLE, CONFIDENT, and ALIVE in your body - in a way you never imagined possible?
How about savvy in regards to your lady parts, including exactly what your vulva and vagina need to be radiantly healthy - and feel LOTS more pleasure! 

You deserve to love every inch of yourself and feel completely relaxed and at home inside your own skin.
And it's important to your health, wellbeing, and overall joy, confidence and success that you do!

As women so many of us have had experiences that disconnect us from our sexuality – like messages of shame from family, culture or religion; negative sexual experiences; confusion or frustration around desire or orgasm; sexual abuse or trauma; chronic pain or discomfort; or just being too busy and stressed out to think about sex.

Over time, this disconnection can lead to health issues and struggles with sex - like discomfort during sex, lack of desire, and chronic pain; as well as relationship issues, lack of confidence, and lack of joy and enthusiasm for life.  

We lose our inner spark.

Your sexuality, your vulva and vagina, are a source of life force energy, creativity, and feminine wisdom (your intuition and inner guidance).  They are integral to you feeling whole and safe inside your own skin, to feeling passionate and alive, and to living the outrageously joyful life you are meant to live!
Which is why I am on a mission to help as many women as possible reclaim and awaken this amazing part of themselves.  
Because no matter how young or old you are, no matter what experiences you have had up until now around your sexuality, if you are a WOMAN – there isn’t anything more important to your health, your confidence, your relationships, and your ability to fulfill your dreams and enjoy your life than creating a healthy positive relationship with your sexuality - FOR YOU.

Reclaiming Your Sexual Self

Unlocking Power, Pleasure, and Joy In Your Female Body

For Your Health
For Your Relationships
For Your Children (especially your daughters)
For Your Confidence and Success
For your Joy!

Here’s taste of what you will learn in this life-changing program…….
* Breaking the Taboo around sex and vulva’s
* Befriending Your Body
* Opening Your Emotional Faucet
* Healing Sexual Shame and Anxiety
* Prioritizing Pleasure
* Accessing Your Inner Wisdom (We all have it!)
* The Real Female Arousal Anatomy (and why it matters...A LOT!)
* The key ingredients for Great Sex (and exactly how to create them)
* Connecting with Your Yoni
* The Art of Self-Pleasure
* And much much more!  

You deserve to love and accept ALL of yourself - and experience your body as a source of pleasure, love, and beauty.
And it’s actually really important to your health and wellbeing that you do!

About Lorraine

Lorraine Faehndrich is a Women's Mind Body Mentor and Pelvic Pain Relief Coach specializing in the relief of Female Pelvic and Sexual Pain - including Vulvodynia, Vulvar Vestibulitis, Pudendal Neuralgia, and Interstitial Cystits.  

Lorraine is dedicated to helping women all over the world not only heal pelvic and sexual pain, but break through to a whole new understanding of health and their body, reconnect with their truth, embrace pleasure, and go on to live outrageously joyful and radiantly healthy lives!​​​​​​​

Coming Soon in 2018!

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